Joy Green Artist

Artist Statement

I paint large scale watercolours of monumental landscapes. Using minimal elements of colour I seek out dynamic coastal landscapes. Walking is essential to my practice. It allows me to get to know the landscape and its underlying geology as a key to understanding the secrets of the landscape and exploring its past.

I use watercolour energetically over a prepared textural base, allowing it to flow freely, often incorporating elements of the land into the textures such as shale and sand.

My work is firmly rooted in the Romantic landscape tradition and explores Burke’s notions of the sublime bringing it into the 21st century with modern methods and materials. Turner and John Virtue are my main influences as they both explore ideas light, vastness and power of the landscape.

I see the landscape as a fragile dynamic that creates a ‘sense of place’.



 I am interested in the contradiction between the dynamic landscape and its fragility in its delicate environmental balance

All artwork  is © J0y Green 2016. Please respect my copyright. All rights reserved

Please ask me for permission if you wish to use any of my images.